Introducing: Called Collective

We first met this client in a coffee shop across the street from our alma mater. Her eyes were full of life and her vision was captivating. Jocelyn (no, not the “Co” part of Margot + Co -- we know, confusing!) is one of the most genuine and compassionate individuals we know. She’s dedicated and focused -- no dream is too audacious or insignificant for her.

Called Collective is a gathering of women centered around the concept of career and calling. Through conferences and workshops, they’re creating a community of dreamers and doers. Jocelyn’s not just passionate about the topic of “calling,” she’s intent on equipping and encouraging women to make that calling a reality.

And today, we’re thrilled to share with you our brand board for Called Collective. We chose earth tones that were confident, and yet, still maintained a soft femininity. Green, a color that represents life, incorporated with the leaves, are representative of the growth and action Called Collective seeks to inspire. We can’t wait to see this brand grow and impact the lives of women, as they discover how their passions intersect with their career and calling.

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Called Collective Brand Board