Introducing: Just Enough Brave

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You know that tingling in your toes, the kind that comes just before you make that introduction, that leap, or that big move? It’s the best mix of fear and bravery -- and really, all you need is just enough brave to step forward. That’s the quiet, confident bravery we’ve come to know and love from Katie Blackburn.

We’ve been fans of Katie Blackburn and her blog, Just Enough Brave, for some time. She writes with the warmth of a best friend, but with the wisdom of a seasoned mentor. Her words are filled with grace and hope, but you won’t find her brushing past the gritty challenges of life. So when her email inquiry landed in our inbox, we immediately replied with YES, and got to work on developing a new logo for Just Enough Brave.

We love the story of how her blog came to be. So much so, we’ll let Katie tell it to you herself.

“About 2 years ago when I started Just Enough Brave, I had 2 babies under 2 and felt totally, completely overwhelmed by the needs in my own home and the chaos of the world we live in outside my home. I was so easily crippled by fear, yet so longing to live a life that wasn’t afraid— a life grounded in the God who says again and again: fear not.

As I started thinking about what I wanted my faith, my family, and my writing to be grounded in, the thought that ‘I only need just enough brave’ came to mind. Just enough. Jesus’ work in the world seemed to me to always happen with just enough faith, just enough disciples, just enough bread and fish… and if I could have just enough brave, I could live out a life boldly for His kingdom.”

Earlier this week, Just Enough Brave celebrated its second birthday, and we feel so honored to have been able to be a small part of what’s happening through the words and stories shared on Katie’s corner of the interwebs. Do yourself a favor today and head on over to Just Enough Brave.

Introducing: Delight Summer Series

These girls were among our very first clients, and we’re consistently impressed by their brand and growth over the past few years. This past year alone, Delight Ministries doubled their presence from 40 to 80 school chapters -- and that number is still growing! You can find them across the U.S., and yes, even internationally.

At Delight, their mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories. They study, serve, and celebrate alongside one another, and they do it with such joy. The energy and creativity of its founders is contagious. You can’t help but want to be part of it, too.

It’s a breath of fresh air to sit across from them over a cup of coffee. They’re transparent and honest, striving to live intentionally and vulnerably in every aspect of life, even beyond Delight. As founders, Mac and Kenz are connectors, mentors, leaders, creatives, and so much more. They consistently cheer on their community, and embody what it means to truly love well.

They’re passionate about their brand, and they’re in tune with their audience. Mac and Kenz have a clear understanding of what their audience needs, and are always striving to be one step ahead of the game. They’re every designer’s dream.

We were thrilled when they asked us once again to be part of their Summer Series. This summer, we worked together to develop a brand for the summer series, and created postcards, tank tops, and a print for the newest set of Delight stories. Check out some of Summer Series promo photos below!

We’re already gearing up for the next set of Delight designs, and can’t wait to share them in the coming months. Stay tuned, friends!

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Introducing: Called Collective

We first met this client in a coffee shop across the street from our alma mater. Her eyes were full of life and her vision was captivating. Jocelyn (no, not the “Co” part of Margot + Co -- we know, confusing!) is one of the most genuine and compassionate individuals we know. She’s dedicated and focused -- no dream is too audacious or insignificant for her.

Called Collective is a gathering of women centered around the concept of career and calling. Through conferences and workshops, they’re creating a community of dreamers and doers. Jocelyn’s not just passionate about the topic of “calling,” she’s intent on equipping and encouraging women to make that calling a reality.

And today, we’re thrilled to share with you our brand board for Called Collective. We chose earth tones that were confident, and yet, still maintained a soft femininity. Green, a color that represents life, incorporated with the leaves, are representative of the growth and action Called Collective seeks to inspire. We can’t wait to see this brand grow and impact the lives of women, as they discover how their passions intersect with their career and calling.

Head over to their website and make sure you’re subscribed to their newsletter so you don’t miss any of their amazing events!

Called Collective Brand Board