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Space to Call Our Own

We’ve spent over a month in our new office space. Yes, you read that right. Our own office space.

We’re as excited as you might imagine, and probably more so. The last three years we’ve dreamed and worked alongside each other anywhere we could find space to sketch and write. Kitchen tables, living room floors, coffee shops -- in Nashville and beyond.

Now we have a well-lit haven where we each have our own chair. We have supplies and organization and a big desk. We even have doors and windows to open to the beautiful weather today. And our favorite part of this new space: the freedom to make it our own, to decorate, and finally put those Pinterest boards to good use!

It feels like the best next step. This is our space to create, to envision, to gather. Just as the seeds in our little garden need a good place to begin sprouting, so too do we need this space to grow some roots. Having an office creates a sense of legitimacy for us. It’s no longer something we casually discuss over earl grey at our favorite coffee shop, or work we complete at the kitchen table on Saturday mornings, trying to see if this dream will stick. It’s become a sacred space for us, because it’s where we challenge each other to be our best, to iterate, to clarify -- it’s where we’re digging in and figuring out what it looks like to be Margot + Co.

Since moving in, we’ve hit the ground running and we couldn’t be more excited about the work we’re doing each day. We’re still figuring out how to make our space work best for us, rearranging and decorating a bit more each day. So for now, we’re sharing some of our office inspiration below.

It’s amazing what a dedicated space to create can do for a creative spirit.  So we challenge you today, find a space to call your own. Maybe it’s a corner booth at a coffee shop, or maybe you finally clear all that mail off your desk. Begin creating.

Office Moodboard