We've Got News!

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Hey friends!

We are so thrilled that you’re here.

It’s amazing to think that this story began over two years ago when one of us picked up a set of paintbrushes, and the other started reading this book. At the time, Margot was living in London, and I in Scotland. It seemed like an improbable dream -- working together, doing something we loved -- but it didn’t stop us from sending countless (and lengthy) emails to each other, packed full of ideas and inspiration. We wanted to tell stories that inspire, pairing simple design with effective communication.

I remember meeting up in Greece a few months after, and while sitting on our terrace one evening, we turned to ask each other, “What if we really did it? What if we created jobs for ourselves?” I mean. We were in Greece. And anything felt possible at that moment -- whether it was the copious amounts of vitamin D or the idyllic island setting, we can’t say for certain -- but the dream was firmly planted within us. We walked away from that conversation and began working towards making it a reality, owing much gratitude to internships, mentors, entrepreneurship fairs and early clients.

But the journey hasn’t been as linear as it sounds. We took a few detours along the way: time off, travels, moves, and we even accepted jobs after graduation. Yet, somehow, we found ourselves at the end of 2015 more certain than ever that this dream was worth the pursuit.

So here we are. Cultivating Margot + Co with all that we’ve got. We’ve been planning and finessing and are bursting at the seams with joy to be able to finally see our dream in action. And more than anything, we are excited about bringing your dreams to reality, too.

We want to create materials that not only look impeccable, but that share your story with clarity, concision, and purpose. We’re pairing communications and visual design to equip startups, established businesses, and events. By enhancing visuals and simplifying messaging, we’re clearing out the clutter to present you with clean, cohesive content.

Here’s just a few of the ways we’re accomplishing that: hand-lettering, illustration, graphic design, logo creation, copywriting, print marketing, event materials, presentation design, and brand development.

Day-to-day you’ll find Margot sketching, designing, and adding new prints to our shop. I’ll be working with our clients, handling all communications and copywriting. Along the way, we’ll be sipping that Earl Grey and documenting the ups and downs of launching a company. Slip-ups and spills included.

Margot + Co is merely an extension of ourselves -- a girl who picked up a set of paintbrushes and another who is sincerely passionate about well-told stories. And that’s what we want to create for you.

Since we’re over here celebrating and toasting new beginnings, we want to give YOU a chance to join in the festivities! And while we’d love to have each and every one of you over to gather around our table to eat cake and pour some champagne, instead we’ve decided to spread the celebration. We’ve designed two postcards for you to print and send off to family, friends, coworkers, whoever! Take a few moments today to celebrate the people around you -- their bravery, small victories and dreams.

Feel free to stay awhile longer, check out our site, and drop us a note to let us know what you’re cultivating this year. We would love nothing more than to share in that dream with you.

Until next time,

Margot + Jocelyn