hi you guys,

it's me, margot

It's nice to finally meet you.

If you're new around here, I'll give you the rundown. I'm a tea sipper (heavy on the honey), a plant collector, and a neutrals wearer. I'm a creative business advocate and introvert to the core. I can't resist home decor at Target, or really anywhere. I could go on and on about things like freedom and creativity. On the weekends I geek out over gardening and pine tree scented candles before wrapping up in a blanket on the couch with my family. I'm a nature enthusiast, a frequent sneaker wearer, and a new momma. YUP.

It’s been a whirlwind few years, so here’s the summary… 

I’m a Pennsylvania native who wandered to Nashville, TN and fell in love (with the city and a boy). We lived in Nashville for 7 years, earned three degrees combined (Belmont + Vanderbilt), got married, started my company, loved life, bought a house, created a word search book, got pregnant, sold said house, and then decided to settle down in rural Pennsylvania with family to raise our little girl. Whew. So we bought a new house, and now have a silly sweet little babe named Auden who lives down the road from her tiny baby cousins. Life is full and sweet.

And goodness, I just love getting to do creative work with you guys! I'm really glad you're here.



A few brands I've worked with:

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