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hi you guys,

it's me, margot

Gosh, it's nice to finally meet you. If you're new around here, I'll give you the rundown. I'm an Earl Grey tea sipper (heavy on the honey), a plant collector, and a neutrals wearer. I paint and doodle and sketch and spend excessive amounts of time in Photoshop. I'm a creative business advocate and introvert to the core. I can't resist home decor at Target, or really anywhere. I could go on and on about things like freedom and creativity. I'm a nature enthusiast, a frequent sneaker wearer, and a 

newlywed. I'm a Pennsylvania native who wandered to Nashville, TN and fell in love (with the city and a boy). On the weekends I geek out over yardsales, gardening and musky scented candles before wrapping up in a blanket on the couch to watch Gilmore Girls with said boy (my husband). I have a new love for word searches and soft plaid shirts. And goodness, I just love getting to do creative work with you guys! I'm really glad you're here.



A few brands I've worked with:

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